Serial Entrepreneur, Champion for Social Change and Self-made Millionaire

Simon Magama was born in Mkoba, Gweru, and grew up in Lower Gwelo, a town located about 40km north-west of Gweru. With a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, Simon’s career path was influenced by his upbringing in rural areas where access to electricity and information was limited. His occasional visits to the city during school holidays opened his eyes to a world of possibilities and shaped his perspective.

Driven by a passion for learning and growth, Simon believes in continuous personal development as a leader. He faced one of the most significant challenges of his career when he decided to do business in Zimbabwe after being away for 12 years. Dealing with a volatile economy and fluctuating exchange rates posed substantial risks, leading many entrepreneurs to fail. However, Simon’s determination and resilience turned these challenges into opportunities, shaping him into a serial winner.

One of Simon’s favorite quotes, “Pressure makes diamonds or rubbles, so you choose what you want to be, a diamond or rubble,” encapsulates his mindset when facing adversity. Returning to Zimbabwe after 12 years marked a turning point in his career, exposing him to various challenges with financial, emotional, and physical repercussions. However, he never shied away from tackling these obstacles head-on, approaching each challenge with careful observation and strategic decision-making.

Simon’s dedication to adding value to others led him to establish The Plug Movement, an organization focused on nurturing talent and empowering the youth towards African excellence. Through this initiative, he aims to enrich lives and enhance the quality of life for others, particularly the younger generation. One of the proudest moments in Simon’s career was venturing into the mining industry in 2020, despite lacking technical knowledge and experience. Although he made mistakes along the way, his ability to adapt and find solutions in the face of failure was a significant accomplishment.

With expertise in mining, supply chain management, and transport logistics, Simon is driven by his desire to make a positive impact and change people’s lives. His core values of hard work, honesty, and integrity guide his work and personal life. Fairness, openness, and integrity are the principles that shape his decision-making process.

Simon’s commitment to community impact is evident through his investment in the younger generation, unlocking opportunities for their growth and development. Notably, he spearheaded the “Adopt A Family” campaign during the Covid lockdown, providing support to vulnerable families with food and medical assistance. Seeing the transformative power of changing lives and inspiring hope remains Simon’s greatest incentive.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Simon is an avid Chelsea football fan. He enjoys interacting with young people, drawing inspiration from the principles of teamwork, discipline, and strategy found in the game of soccer. Simon’s ultimate goal is to continue making a positive impact and changing lives by consistently adding value. Stay tuned for his upcoming ventures, projects, and initiatives as he remains dedicated to scaling up his efforts and empowering the youth.

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