Simon Magama is an esteemed African entrepreneur, visionary leader, and philanthropist dedicated to harnessing Africa’s economic potential and driving sustainable development.


Discover Simon Magama’s diverse portfolio of successful ventures, spanning various industries across the continent.


Witness the profound impact of Simon’s philanthropic efforts in communities across Africa.

The Chairman’s Diaries


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Meet Simon

Meet Simon Magama, a renowned entrepreneur and catalyst for business change. With an impressive array of titles and accomplishments, Simon has made a significant impact building businesses across Africa.

As an advocate for Africa’s progress, Simon Magama spearheads impactful initiatives through his non-profit organization, the Plug Movement. This empowering platform provides African youth and entrepreneurs with invaluable resources, mentorship, and opportunities for growth.

With a proven track record of success, Simon Magama has emerged as a trusted figure in the international business community. His unwavering integrity, innovative mindset, and deep understanding of Africa’s unique landscape have positioned him as a sought-after partner for strategic collaborations and investments.